The Importance of a Police Report when Involved in an Auto Accident

The light on top of a police car.

Most of the time the police are called to auto accidents especially if it is reported that someone has been injured. When this happens the responding police officer will typically evaluate all the evidence at the scene and take statements from those involved as well as any witnesses. In a civil claim for damages due to an auto accident it can be helpful to have a police report. 

The importance of a police report is that it can service as the best evidence of who is at fault for the accident. Responding officers are taken as experts in evaluating traffic accidents and those officers having been at the scene makes their findings most relevant. Auto Insurance Carriers will often rely on the findings of the responding officers in making their determination as to who is at fault. It is not uncommon for such adjusters to rely on traffic accident reports even in instances where their insured is claiming they were not at fault. 

If you are in an accident the law requires you to make a police report. If the other party is at fault getting the police to the scene can really help you to make a full recovery.  More Questions? Contact Anderson and Lopez, P.C. We have handled these types of claims for over 35 years.