Why an Attorney’s Experience is Important

How long an attorney has practiced law in a certain area of practice can tell someone a lot about that attorney’s ability.  First, it shows they know that area of the law and how to use it to their client’s benefit.  It also shows that they know the people involved in that area of the justice system. This is extremely important especially with regard to Auto Accident Injury Law and Work Injury Law.  The people involved include the doctors, therapists and other care providers as well as the insurance companies and their adjusters, attorneys, nurses and other personnel. Attorneys that have worked in a specific area of the law get to know the courts and all their personnel.  This enables the attorney to know what to expect and how to best navigate a claim through the system. 

Jim Anderson and Rick Lopez have both been handling legal claims for those injured in motor vehicle accidents and at work for 35 years.  They know the law and how it works best for their clients.  Simply put they know all the players.  If you have been hurt in a motor vehicle accident or on the job you need the experience of Anderson & Lopez on your side.  Call us first at 719 471 1818 and speak with an experienced attorney.