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Personal Injury

When Careless Behavior Changes Your Life. Find out how we can help you.

Worker’s Compensation

When Injury Changes or Ends Your Career. We can help you while you focus on recovery.

Know What to Do

Know What to Do When You’ve Been Injured at work, in an auto accident or slip/trip and fall.

About Anderson & Lopez

Why Choose Anderson and Lopez?

Focused on Protecting the Injured for Over 30 Years

Since 1987 Jim Anderson and Rick Lopez have been solely focused on representing real people who are facing real problems. We help people we don’t represent insurance companies or large corporations and never have. We represent those injured on the job and due to the negligence of others and when you hire the Law Firm of Anderson and Lopez you can feel confident knowing you have an aggressive advocate on your side. You will be represented personally by a serious trial attorney who will spend the time to truly understand what you are going through and will advocate fiercely on your behalf to assure that you are compensated.

Committed to Excellence in Representing the Injured Since 1996

At Anderson and Lopez we know that a genuine and sincere attorney-client relationship is a fundamental component to providing excellent representation to our clients and we take pride in our record of doing just that.

Jim Anderson
Attorney at Law

We help the residents of Colorado face the physical and emotional challenges that result from an accident or injury caused by another party.

Rick Lopez
Attorney at Law

We are guided by the client’s best interests in every personal case, whether it is settled or litigated.

It takes a lot of time and dedication to provide this type of service to our clients, but at Anderson and Lopez it’s one of our deepest core values. You see we decided a long time ago that we were not in the business of law, but instead we are in a noble profession, which we truly respect, which is founded on the idea of justice for all. At Anderson and Lopez our goal is to personally see to it that the legal system works for and protects our clients. Doing the very best for our clients is our everyday business. We know and understand our legal system and embrace the unique challenge that each client presents and that’s why at Anderson and Lopez you will not be represented by a case manager, a paralegal or associate–you will be represented by a serious trial attorney (Jim Anderson or Rick Lopez) with over 30 years of trial experience. At Anderson and Lopez we are wholeheartedly devoted to the cause of our clients and our representation is the proof.

Anderson and Lopez means Personal Attention

Sometimes what you see is not what you get. Ever see the lawyer commercials on TV? Think you’ll be represented by the Attorney you saw on TV? At Anderson and Lopez you will be personally represented by Attorney Jim Anderson or Attorney Rick Lopez. That means you will meet with, talk to and be represented by a senior attorney with over 30 years of experience representing the injured. You won’t find that with the some of the big TV Law Firms where the only time you will see the attorney is on TV. At Anderson and Lopez, from start to finish you will work with a serious trial attorney. Jim Anderson and Rick Lopez have handled hundreds of Administrative Hearings, Trials, Arbitrations and Mediations and have obtained millions of dollars in awards, judgments, and settlements on behalf of their clients. They have fought for and obtained medical care and treatment for their clients best counted in tens of millions of dollars. Why not put them to work for you?

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