Medical Benefits

Medical Benefits

When you are injured due to an on the job injury or in an auto accident you are going to face the unexpected expense of medical treatment. On top of that you are going to get all kinds of advice about who is going to pay for your medical care and treatment. The following will explain just what to expect when you are injured.


The simple answer in this type of claim is that the person that caused that accident should have to pay. The problem is getting there, it is tougher than one might expect. First of all, you have to understand that no insurance carrier ever wants to pay for medical care and treatment and the carriers do anything they can to get out of paying. This becomes an extremely important aspect of any claim. When you hire Anderson and Lopez to represent you in an auto accident personal injury claim we don’t just ignore the medical treatment and the medical bills, we work to make sure our clients receive the best possible care and the bills are paid in the most efficient manner.

In automobile accident claims, there are several possible payers of your medical bills. However, under Colorado law, any medical payer you have contracted for or is otherwise provided as a benefit is considered a collateral source. Liability insurance companies do not get the benefit of contracted rates of these collateral sources. Collateral sources include Medicare and Medicaid, TriCare, private health carriers like Anthem, United Health and Kaiser and medical payment benefits provided under an auto policy. We work to have the most efficient payer pay the bills so that you are not paying such out of your own pocket, sent to collection or otherwise harassed by your medical providers. By providing this extra service to our clients we are able to put more money in their pockets from any settlement or award. In other words, if you’re in an accident and you have health insurance and your health insurance carrier pays your medical bills the jury or insurance company does not get the discount your health insurance provides to you due to the contracted rates the health carrier pays the providers. At Anderson and Lopez we demand that you be compensated for the total amount which the medical provider bills. This can often be three or more times as much as what your health insurance carrier actually paid. By working to have medical bills paid in the most efficient manner we can assure that our clients put the most money in their pocket. It is quit an endeavor to dive into this aspect of any injury claim and many law firms just do not do it, but we find it absolutely necessary to provide the best representation to our clients, the representation we feel they deserve.


In a workers’ compensation matter we work to get our clients the best care and treatment from the best providers. We also make sure that all the care and treatment is authorized and that it is paid for 100% by the workers’ compensation carrier. One thing we take pride in is assuring that are clients get treatment from the best providers. There is no reason for an attorney not to fight for their client to have the best possible care. At Anderson and Lopez we make you care a priority.

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