Injured While Working from Home

A question we are going to see more of in the coming days is what happens if I am injured while working from home. The simple answer is that an injury sustained while working from home will be looked at just like an injury suffered on the employer’s premises. The question is going to be whether the injury occurred and arose out of the function of the job. But this isn’t really as simple as it might seem. It should certainly be expected that the insurance carrier for your employer will push back harder on at home injuries than on the same type of injury suffered upon the premises of the employer. What will be most difficult is defining the parameters of the workplace. If you suffered an injury while working from home, you must report such injury to your employer in writing immediately. The law gives you four business days (or as soon thereafter as practical), but it is best to do so immediately. When reporting your injury you should specifically ask for the designated provider list. This list should name four medical providers from whom you can seek care. Just because you suffer an injury while working from home does not mean you do not have a workers’ compensation claim.

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